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PICO PARK review

In this post, I’ll dwell upon the PICO PARK video game, covering such aspects as the gameplay, visuals, and level of replayability. Is the game worth it? Decide for yourself. What I know for sure is that it can get a tad chaotic and is super fun with friends. PICO PARK is an enjoyable and deceptively simple teamwork-based local/online action puzzle to play with 2-8 of your friends. It’s a great family couch co-op party game perfect for all ages. 


In the game, you and your friends will play as little flat-headed cat hitlers that jump on each other and get increasingly frustrated with each other. Also, you will work together to solve puzzles and levels, while having lots of fun (and doing your best to survive the glorious chaos and mayhem the game comes with) along the way. Featuring 12 worlds with 4 not-so-difficult levels in each, the gameplay is fairly short. But it does take a while to complete with a large group of players (about 2 or 3 hours, depending on how coordinated your group is). 

Overall, PICO PARK represents such imaginative use of a simple concept, bringing genuinely unique gameplay with each flow of levels. Bear in mind that this excellent bite-sized co-op is most challenging when played with friends. Fragile friendships and patience may be tried and tested as you and your friends will inevitably mess things up throughout the gameplay. But because teamwork makes the dream work, this is definitely a must-try title for both the casuals and the hardcore gamers. As a matter of fact, some players jokingly state that the hardest part of this game is having enough friends to play with. 


The game visuals are just way too simplistic, those cat hitlers jumping at each other could really use some polishing. On the other hand, why bother when the gameplay is entertaining anyway! So, once you get to grips with the mechanics and realize how fun this little co-op is, you no longer care about the graphics (or PICO PARK’s ridiculously repetitive music, for that matter).  


Yes, there are some really creative challenges that require solid teamwork in the game. This factor makes PICO PARK really satisfying to play. However, because PICO PARK is so short and really lacks content, the level of the game’s replayability is quite low. You may have to play it up to 4 times to pass (if you and/or your friends are on the slow-thinking side when you pillage it), but you’ll hardly ever want to get back to solving all the same puzzles again. More levels are needed, that’s a fact.

5 Great

To cut a long story short, PICO PARK is a cute little puzzler with the potential to expand, and it’s guaranteed to ultimately have you and your friends laughing to the point of tears.