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Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V, often referred to as the pinnacle of Rockstar Games' releases, is undoubtedly the game of the year in 2013. GTA V, as it is commonly known, is the eleventh installment in the renowned Grand Theft Auto franchise, following Grand Theft Auto IV, and the game that set the groundwork for the popular online multiplayer version, Grand Theft Auto Online.

This innovative game employs cutting-edge technology paired with stunning visuals, delivering a rich, impressive gaming experience. Initially launched for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA V broke boundaries by offering players unparalleled freedom, enabling them to shape their own adventures in the open-world game.

GTA V allows players to experience an exciting, unpredictable lifestyle. Whether you prefer a calm, leisurely drive, indulging in a snack, participating in various sporting games, or embarking on a pulse-pounding killing rampage, this game caters to all. Extreme activities such as parachuting from an airplane, soaring through the skies in a jet, or making a daring leap from towering buildings are all possible.

The game is packed with numerous missions that players can complete to earn money and purchase swanky new items for their character. From an opulent mansion or a sleek car to a personal helicopter, the options are endless. Broadening the gameplay, GTA V presents players with an extensive arsenal of weapons to wield during their citywide adventures.

Moreover, players can choose the alignment of their character. Whether you want to complete benevolent missions or plunge into a chaotic killing spree, the choice is yours. Nevertheless, remember, every action has a reaction, and excessive violence will increase your wanted level, eventually leading to law enforcement hunting you down with tanks.

GTA V is more than just chaos; it's a simulated world where you can take up a job, plan a daring bank heist, or even visit a strip club. Add to it the possibility of dating and you’ve got yourself a virtual life that’s every bit as exciting as it gets.

Although GTA V might be six years old now, it remains a solid recommendation for any gamer. It's an experience that still stands tall, even if you're not familiar with previous Grand Theft Auto games. Expectedly, it earns an uncontestable five out of five stars rating and the distinction of being 2013's top game.


  • Expansive open world with no bounds
  • Crystal clear graphics are well-paired with an extensive draw distance
  • Physics system that contributes to natural movement
  • An excellent, engaging soundtrack
  • A diverse collection of weapons to wield
  • An array of side missions and extra activities
  • The inclusion of playable animals in-game
  • A thrilling online multiplayer component


  • The game is not free; it needs to be purchased
  • The game features graphic violence.
5 Great

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