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Amazing Frog? review

In this article I will be discussing Amazing Frog?. I will include a description of the gameplay, graphics, and information about replayability. Amazing Frog is a game where you control a frog that is on a quest to find peace and harmony for all frogs. The game is available on the App Store for $1.99. In the game, you must help the frog eat flies while avoiding being eaten by larger frogs.


The gameplay consists of a frog that has to hop from lily pad to lily pad to reach the top of the screen, while avoiding the hungry alligator. If the frog jumps too high, it will jump out of the bottom of the screen, and the alligator will eat it. The frog can jump higher if it jumps from a lily pad that is higher than the one it is currently on.

The gameplay of Amazing Frog revolves around eating flies to get points and avoiding larger frogs. You can move the frog around with a virtual joystick on the bottom of the screen. To eat flies, you tap the flies with a virtual button. To avoid larger frogs, you must move the frog away from the larger frogs. You can also catch other frogs with a virtual button.


The graphics are very simple and are just the frog and the lily pads. The graphics of Amazing Frog are cartoon like, and are not realistic at all. The game is colorful and bright.


There are no other modes or levels for this game, so replayability is low. Amazing Frog is a game that is not re-playable because once you beat the game, there is no point in replaying it.


  • The game is free
  • The game is easy to understand
  • It is short, so it can be played in short periods of time


  • There are no additional modes or levels
  • The game is low-quality
5 Great

The Amazing Frog? is a very simple game that can be helpful for those who need a free, short game.