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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game is a new game in the genre of the platformer. The main character of this game is a movement of the player on the head of the hero and his main purpose - to overcome dangerous distances in the shortest possible time. The game has several modes of play, and the first and second levels are available from the beginning. In the third level, the player needs to earn a certain number of stars and collect them for the passage. Each level has its own character and a certain number of stars, which must be collected to unlock the next one.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout game is based on the successful Fall Guys TV series. The game is a top-down view free roam game where you play as one of the Fall Guys as they try to complete their job. There are 3 missions to complete in each level. The first mission is to reach your destination, the second is to pick up the briefcase, and the third is to reach the escape chopper. Along the way, you will have to avoid the cops, security guards, and other obstacles that are trying to take you down.

You can also jump, climb, and run. One of the controls that I am not a big fan of is the "space" bar. I think it makes the character jump and climbs but I never noticed any difference in the character. I think it just makes him climb a little faster. Along with your character, there is also a partner that will follow you. You can control your partner by using the "A" or "S" buttons. The partner can help you get up on higher ledges or keep you safe from bullets, etc.

The graphics are decent for a game like this. It has a cartoony look to it. It all looks very similar to the TV show. The sounds are pretty basic. There's no music or voice acting. The sounds are just the main character saying stuff like "Let's go!". I found the game to be very difficult. Controls are not very responsive and I found myself falling to my death a lot. I did get through the first mission but I died a lot. I also had a hard time keeping my partner close by me. I would keep going and my partner would just sit down. I understand that it's difficult to control 2 characters at once but I wish it was easier.


  • Realistic physics and graphics;
  • Big variety of weapons and enemies;
  • Absolutely Free!
  • Comic style;
  • Game modes: Single and multiplayer;
  • A lot of fun;


  • The game is too short;
  • Little of the content;
  • The gameplay is not very good;
5 Great

Overall, I'm going to give this game a 2 out of 5. It's not very fun and it's very difficult to play. I think it is a decent effort for a TV Show game but I don't think I can recommend it. It's fun once but it's not enough to keep me interested in playing it again.