Hydroneer's Explosive Expansion: Journey to Volcalidus Ignites New Adventures

Elina Rudkovsky


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The expansive crafting and construction adventure, Hydroneer, unveils a massive new update featuring fiery mountains and icy expanses, according to PC Gamer. All players transform into waterfowl as Last Epoch intensifies its fight against replicated items and monetary cheats, stating, "We believe it's a fair assertion that exploiting glitches to detriment the gaming experience for everyone is unacceptable, warranting a suspension." - Authored by Ted Litchfield, April 6, 2024.

The game recently introduced a grand expansion called Journey to Volcalidus, offering an expansive new area to excavate and generate income from: the Volcalidus island, "surpassing the original island's area sixfold" and featuring a village awaiting restoration. This addition was warmly received by the community, propelling Hydroneer to remarkable success and an enhanced modern version. The game has received significant updates, including electrical and logistical systems, along with local co-op gameplay and vehicles, in a substantial 2.0 version update in 2022.

In addition, this expansion presents an enormous new crane truck, an array of new subterranean materials to extract, and several machinery pieces propelled by the island's volcanic activity, simplifying tasks. Hydroneer is presently available at a 50% discount—priced at $7.50—up until April 12. The PC Gamer Newsletter encourages signing up to receive the finest weekly content and exceptional gaming bargains chosen by its editors.