Ranking Supermassive Games' Terrifying Horror Titles

Audrey Hansen


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Supermassive Games, a well-known interactive gaming company, has carved its niche in the horror genre. Famous for titles like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, their special appeal lies in their unique blend of choice-based storytelling and limited exploration, all heavily influenced by classic horror movies. While all their work has been appreciated, some titles have carved their own fan bases. This article aims to rank their horror games, based on popularity and gameplay experience.

Setting the Developmental Stage

The Inpatient was their initial attempt at utilizing the VR format. It serves as a prequel to Until Dawn and takes players through a first-person exploration of Blackwood Sanitarium. Despite its excellent atmospheric representation, it fell short in terms of gameplay, and many felt it did not add much to the original game's narrative.

Next in line is The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a spiritual sequel to the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood spin-off. It's a VR rail shooter game where players traverse through scenes resembling the first four games of The Dark Pictures Anthology. While it's a pleasurable experience for fans of VR and rail shooters, it lacks the typical scares of the Dark Pictures games and doesn't offer much in terms of narrative.

Progressing to More Refined Gameplay

The Quarry, a standalone title, is designed as a successor to Until Dawn. It's heavily inspired by old-school horror movies and features the archetypical summer camp setting with the iconic threat of werewolves. Despite some well-liked horror tributes and entertaining scenes, the game's uneven character focus, lack of interactive gameplay, and strange story choices made it a contentious title among players.

The first title in Supermassive Games' episodic The Dark Pictures Anthology was Man of Medan. Although it possesses all the elements that fans love, including choice-based gameplay and a compelling narrative, it was critiqued for its narrative and unpredictable consequences for harmless choices. Many felt that a plot twist late in the game undermined the entire experience.

The Pinnacle of Supermassive Games' Horror Titles

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me, despite being a polarizing title, is considered by many as the peak of the series. Its unique setting and realistic characters have appealed to many. However, its less intense, action-packed demeanor was a letdown for fans who prefer more active gameplay.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes, sets its events during the Iraq War, intertwining themes of xenophobia, nationalism, and revenge. This bold approach coupled with high-octane storytelling and human character interactions have made it a fan-favorite.

The Crown Jewel: Until Dawn

Until Dawn is undoubtedly the title that catapulted Supermassive Games into the limelight. It's still revered for its cinematic, choice-based gameplay and memorable writing. The characters, whether likable or loathsome, have left a lasting impression on fans' minds. Its stunning central twist and genuine scares have made it a benchmark that many believe Supermassive Games will strive to match in their future endeavors.

Hidden Gem: Little Hope

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, though often overlooked, offers a unique gameplay experience. Set in a desolate town, the game weaves an intricate narrative involving witch trials, time loops, and personal guilt. Its brilliant execution of multiple timelines and character arcs sets it apart from the rest. Little Hope, however, received mixed reviews due to its abrupt ending and certain confusing narrative choices.

Experimentation with VR: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a spin-off from Until Dawn, is a VR experience that diverges from Supermassive's traditional narrative-focused games. It's a roller-coaster ride filled with jump scares and fast-paced action. Despite its departure from the usual format, the game managed to impress with its immersive VR horror experience, though it wasn't well-received by everyone.


Supermassive Games has consistently pushed the boundaries of interactive horror gaming. With their unique blend of choice-driven narratives and spine-chilling horror elements, they have managed to keep fans on the edge of their seats. However, it's their commitment to improving and experimenting with each title that truly sets them apart. From their early VR experiments to the acclaimed Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series, they have demonstrated their mastery of the genre. We look forward to seeing what terrifying experiences they have in store for us in the future.