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Garena Free Fire: Kalahari review

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is a shooting game that can be played on your mobile phone. This is not a very popular game and so you don't have to worry about lag and servers crashing. The game is based on the popular battle royale genre.

The game is inspired by PUBG but has very few similarities. It has unique gameplay. In this game, the last standing person wins the game. There is only one winner in the game. There are 100 players in the game. If you are a fan of shooting games, you must try this game.


In Garena Free Fire, you can choose the type of weapon you want. There are 3 weapon classes in Garena Free Fire: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Handguns. You can also choose a loadout to equip your character. You can also customize your character to have the look you want.

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari has different modes that you can play: Squad mode and Battle Royale.

In Squad mode, there is a maximum of 4 players in each team. As the other game modes, you will have to be the last man standing to win.

In Battle Royale mode, there is a maximum of 100 players in each match. You will have to be the last man standing to win the match.


Garena Free Fire has decent 3D graphics. Unlike Fortnite or PUBG graphics, the graphics are not very attractive or smooth. The game can be played smoothly in low-end devices.

The game has a simple design with a red desert theme. The graphics are not impressive compared to other games.

The crosshair can be customized by clicking on the equipment icon. You can also change the reticle color.


The game is online multiplayer, so it has quite high replayability. The most important thing is that Free Fire is a battle royale game, so it has exceptional replayability. The main reason is that there is a small chance to not get bored. It is possible to get bored every now and then, but it's very, very rare. The game is very colorful and has a great variety of weapons, characters and in-game actions. As you get higher in the game, the variety also increases. The maps are randomly generated and they are very big. This also adds to the replayability.

4 Good

In conclusion, Garena Free Fire is an interesting game that must be played by all battle royale fans. It has a lot of potential and it's very fun to play. The graphics are not impressive, but they can be played in any device. The game is online multiplayer and, unlike Fortnite and PUBG, it can be played in any device. The game is very fun to play and has been improved a lot since its early access. The game in its early access stage was not that good as it is now.