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Feed and Grow: Fish review

Feed and Grow: Fish is a game for Android and iOs devices in which you control a fish whose only goal in life is to grow as big as possible. And the way to do that is by eating smaller fish, which will become part of your body mass. And the larger you get, the harder it will be to eat the smaller fish, and the more points you get.


The game starts out simple, with you controlling one fish. And you go around eating smaller fish. Those fish are not just small fish, but also other larger fish, which will give you more points. And the game becomes harder, as you have to eat more fish to get the same amount of points. And you have to eat them faster, as they're faster.


Graphics are 3D, cartoonish and colorful, the game is designed very well and is very entertaining.
In the game, players will see a lot of different fish, all kinds of fish in the lake. The fish will be moving around and eating each other. After some time, they will grow bigger and bigger. They will grow into large fish. Fish models are also done very well so the game is pleasant for an eye.


Feed and Grow: Fish replayability is outstanding. The game has a very high replayability factor, and people often come back to the game time and again to see how many levels of fish they can get to. It's not rocket science, but it's very addictive.


5 Great

Feed and Grow: Fish is an excellent game for kids to play. It gives them a chance to practice their skills while having fun at the same time. The game should be praised for its high replayability factor, as well as the entertaining graphics. It is a very solid game.