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Candy Challenge 3D review

Candy Challenge 3D is a puzzle game with several levels and challenges based on the popular Squid Game series. The game was created by Idil Morgul and released in 2021. You can download Candy Challenge 3D on your Android phone from Google Play Store. The game has a 12+ age rate and is available for free.


Graphics of Candy Challenge 3D mobile games are bright and simple. You will not find detailed landscapes to admire there. The number of locations is limited. You can either play on the playground outside or in a narrow room with blue curtains and red walls. However, the games are recognizable. One of them is based on the Dalgona Candy challenge where you need to cut it until you receive an undamaged picture inside. After you install Candy Challenge 3D you get access to the atmospheric game based on a popular TV series. You can recognize players in green sports suits who are sitting with their faces turned away and trying to finish the task before the time runs out.


This is an Android game. If you are an experienced phone user, you will quickly learn how the game works, since the controls are the same. You need to tap and swipe. There are only three types of challenges you face. They are not that hard. There is no Candy Challenge 3D for Xbox, PS, and even iOS phones. You are not able to play Candy Challenge 3D on PC, at least for now. Developers concentrated on Android specifics. All you need is a 5.0 system or later to play the game. Since it offers free downloading, prepare to meet lots of ads in the game. Ads appear not only at the beginning but during the gameplay.


You enter the game as a participant of the so-called Squid Game. Your main goal here is to survive. One wrong move and you are dead. Guards will kill you in no time if you fail the task. Although you are playing games for children, they are incredibly hard for the newcomer. The most interesting and yet challenging of them is the Dalgona Candy challenge. You need to use tools you have to cut the cookie until the picture that is drawn inside is released. If you damage the picture, you are dead.

Another challenge is to throw the sticks into the circles. You have to throw them right inside or you get killed. The third one offers you to throw balls in the pipe. You can’t throw them with your hands. All the games have timers. You need to make it in time or guards will kill you. You may order Candy Challenge 3D even if you are not a Squid Game fan and have not watched it. Still, for true fans of TV series this game is more interesting.
It does not have a linear plot. You can jump from one level to another after completing the challenge. Yet, there are not so many challenges and after some time you may get bored.


  • Easy to play
  • Interesting challenges
  • Atmospheric game
  • Free of charge
  • Offline mode


  • Not many challenges
  • Contains numerous ads


Candy Challenge 3D is a game for true fans of Squid Game. You can feel yourself a part of the entertainment for rich people by performing specific tasks. Your goal is to survive and win the game. If you don’t succeed you will get killed. The best part about Candy Challenge 3D is that you can come back in the game even if you are out.