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Telegram review

Telegram messenger is awesome! I used to use WhatsApp and others before I chose to use telegram messenger. WhatsApp is good but I think telegram messenger is better and I’m not alone in this, many people agree with me, telegram messenger is the most used messaging app in Ukraine.

the interface is very nice, it's simple and it's clean. it's very easy to use and it's also very secure. I always use it to send secret documents in my office. I even use it to send the documents which contain very important information about the government to the government's officials, the documents are always sent securely and safely. I’m very sure that they are delivered to the right people. The user is also very friendly and I like the stickers, they are so cute and funny. the stickers can express my feelings and my mood.

I like the notifications too, it will notify me immediately when somebody posts anything on my feed.

I think I’m going to keep using telegram messenger for a long time, they are doing a good job. I’m sure they are going to make more improvements in the future. the telegram messenger was recommended by a friend.


  • Fastest growing social platform with 100M+ users;
  • Built-in support for bots;
  • The built-in platform for encrypted cloud-based storage;
  • Built-in encryption without third-party servers;
  • A built-in way to support charity;
  • Open APIs for developers;
  • Full source code for developers;


  • The app can't be downloaded on Blackberry;


5 Great

If you're looking for a secure messaging app with a focus on privacy, you should try Telegram.