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Cisco Webex Meetings review

Cisco Webex Meetings is now Cisco Spark Video Meetings. For this review, I will be using the Android client since it is what I am most familiar with. On iOS it is Cisco Spark Meetings. I am assuming it is the same app. I find Cisco Spark Meetings on Android to be very clunky. It is a very basic video and audio app. You can't do much else with it. You can leave messages and chat. You can't see your desktop or any other applications on the computer.

The app also has trouble connecting. I have had the app tell me my account is not authorized and to log in again. I can be on the home screen and it will tell me my account is not authorized. I can close the app and go back in and it will work. I can leave it open for hours and it will work. I can go into the app, hit the home button on the phone, and come back in and it will be working again. It is like the app has connection issues.

The app also has trouble staying connected when I am using other apps on my phone. I will be listening to a webinar or other event and my phone will play a sound effect or notification. It will interrupt the event and I will have to go back into the app to reconnect. If I am using another app that uses the internet like maps or Gmail, the app will disconnect and I will have to go back into the app to reconnect. It is very frustrating as the app is very unreliable.  I do like how they have a home screen widget. I can keep it on my home screen and when I am sitting at my desk I can just hit the widget and connect without having to open the app.


  • Video Conference;
  • Web Conference;
  • Collaboration;
  • Audio Conference;
  • Web Sharing;
  • Polls;
  • Text Messaging;


  • HTML5 is not supported;
  • Fewer features;
  • No desktop sharing;
  • No Active Directory integration;
5 Great

Cisco Spark Meetings is a basic video and audio app for meetings. It is not a fully-featured video conferencing solution. It is very basic. I would not recommend this app for business. I use this app with my family and friends.


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