The Most Downloadable iOS Apps and App Store Award Winners Named Officially

Elina Rudkovsky


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If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you probably have some apps installed here. Almost everyone does. But what apps are the most downloaded and which are recognized as the most revolutionary? On December 2, Apple published the official results of the year, naming the best apps and the most popular ones.

The best iPhone app of 2021, according to Apple, is Toca Boca: World. Toca Boca is a famous developer and publisher of apps for children, and this is the ultimate sandbox where a player can make everything they want, with any characters, at any location. The best iPhone game of 2021 (quite predictably) is League of Legends: Wild Rift. With this mobile game, a player gets everything the desktop League of Legends games are adored for.

When it comes to the iPad, the best game is Marvel Future Revolution. Marvel’s take on a superhero brawl platformer (similar to Super Smash Bros or Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl) is superior to any mobile rival, with rich visuals, iconic heroes and villains, and fantastic production. The app of the year for iPad is LumaFusion, a professional-grade video editor.

Mac is considered not the gamer’s choice, but there are more than decent games. The Mac game of 2021 is Myst, an iconic game remade for Mac. As for productivity apps, they are so numerous that choosing is hard, but the best one is Craft, an app that handles notes and documents better than rivals, including Apple Pages or Microsoft Word.

As for the most downloaded apps, they include the evergreen social game Among Us!, a designers’ environment Canva, a dating and social hub connector Bumble, a women’s club Peanut, and a modern analog of the Green Book, EatOkra which will lead you through Black-owned restaurants and food delivery services.

Have you installed any of the named apps this year? Did any of them catch your eye? Now, promoted by Apple, they will get even more downloads, so your friends may recommend some to you. And what do you think of the trends? Let’s discuss it in our comments!