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Among Us review

Among Us game is a game, a role-playing game of sorts with a post-apocalyptic setting, in which humanity is already extinct but remnants of it roam the land as zombies. The player controls one of the zombies, the main protagonist of the game (and the other characters) being controlled by the AI. The game is a simple top-down shooter with a survival element.

The game starts with the player waking up in a pit, with no idea of who they are and how they got there. After exiting the pit, the player finds themselves in the middle of a city, with a destroyed city around them. After surviving a couple of days, the player will encounter a man and will be given a name and a task – to find out what happened to the city and humanity in general.

The game looks very nice, with a cartoony art style and a well-done drawing of the city. The backgrounds are very well-drawn, and the game looks very nice. The game also sounds very good, especially the soundtrack, which is very relaxing and makes the player feel at ease. Controls are also very good, with the player being able to control their character with the keyboard and mouse, or with the keyboard only.

The game is very slow-paced, with the player being only able to move around and shoot. The player also has a stamina meter, which depletes with every step and quickly recharges, and the player can sprint for a short duration of time. The player also has a flashlight, which is used to scare away zombies and to spot them easily. The player can also craft items, which will be needed to survive. Crafting can be done at stations located in the city and requires basic crafting materials. The player can also collect notes which will be needed to solve the mystery of the game.


  • The writing style is descriptive without being overbearing;
  • There are two covers for Among Us, both of which are really cool;
  • The story is set in two locations with both being really interesting;
  • The story follows several groups of people, all of which are distinct from the other;


  • The story is a bit slow at the beginning;
  • The special effects are not that great;
  • The ending is very predictable;
  • The characters are cliché;
5 Great

Among Us is an interesting game with a post-apocalyptic setting, and an incredible story that will make the player think a lot about humanity and how we treat each other.