Cyberpunk 2077: It Takes a Modder to Implement DLSS 2.3.2

Elina Rudkovsky


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The original Cyberpunk 2077 had quite an unlucky launch story. But now the initial disappointment has dissolved, and it’s time for the community to contribute. Just as you might expect from CDPR fans, here come the modders that make Cyberpunk 2077 a perfect game as they see it.

Along with slight visual enhancements, new skins, and other minor content, there are revolutionary mods that change the entire experience. For example, there is a mod that adds unofficial support of DLSS 2.3.2 by Nvidia. It does not work perfectly yet, but most users that downloaded it from Nexusmods are satisfied. Don’t be surprised if it disappears from the page to appear again with some extra features and bug fixes.

Other mods released this week give the protagonist of the game new apartments. Now you can settle in Glam, Techie, or Thrash apartments. Each option redefines the place where you live, adding new lights, items, colors, and overall style. The Glam apartment, for example, is all neon shining. Thrash apartment looks not as trashy as it might seem, but it resembles everything except for a place for living. As for Techie, it’s straight-up futuristic even within a futuristic game. Not that it changes the game; it doesn’t even change the visual experience outside the apartments. Nevertheless, it’s great to have these options for a place where you frequently return during the gameplay.

Of course, all these mods are only available for the PC version. In 2022, it’s to hit the next-gen consoles, showing their visual capabilities. But even these consoles won’t allow players to enjoy modified versions as PC does. Let’s hope the vanilla game does not disappoint with glitches and bugs similar to those we saw in the first months of the game. And if you’re a lucky PC player, come on and try these mods for your greater enjoyment.