How to Defeat Marie and Kusumi-no-Okami in Persona 4 Golden

Elina Rudkovsky


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Persona 4 Golden has brought a lot of new content to the classic PlayStation 2 title, including the mysterious character Marie. Not only is she an important part of the story, but she also serves as one of the game’s tougher optional bosses. Here's how to defeat her and her ally Kusumi-no-Okami.

Step 1: Beat Marie in The Hollow Forest 

Marie game

The first step in defeating Marie is taking on her boss battle in The Hollow Forest dungeon. This fight can be tough if players aren't adequately prepared, so make sure your party is leveled up before tackling it! To beat her, use single target spells since she resists physical attacks. Be aware that she has a counter passive called Alienation Wall which will reflect physical damage back at your party - so stick with magical attacks instead! 

After whittling down her health enough, Marie will activate Shell of Denial, which repels all forms of damage - have your party guard for a few turns until this effect wears off before continuing attacking.

Step 2: Use Breaker Items Against Kusumi-No Okami 

Use Breaker Items Against Kusumi-No Okami

After you've defeated Marie comes the second phase, where you must face off against Kusumi-No Okami - another powerful enemy associated with Velvet Room attendant Margaret and able to resist most forms of damage thanks to his Shell Of Denial ability. To take him out, you'll need items like Ice Breaker or Fire Breaker which can get rid of his resistance to Bufu and Agi spells, respectively - allowing you to inflict some serious damage with magical attacks once more! 

Keep using these breaker items and appropriate spells until his health reaches 0%, and he begins using Cry Of Denial, which resets affinities for your party members - don't worry too much, though. As long as they're properly equipped, they should be able handle whatever he throws at them without too much trouble!

Step 3: Victory Is Yours! 

Victory Is Yours!

By following these steps carefully, victory over both Marie and Kusumi No Okami should be yours fairly quickly - just remember not to let their formidable abilities intimidate you too much or overwhelm your party's strength! Good luck on your quest through Persona 4 Golden's extra content, and enjoy all its new features while keeping an eye out for any other optional bosses who may come along during this exciting journey through Inaba!