A Journey Through Hell-A: The Top 8 Locations in Dead Island 2 Guaranteed to Thrill and Terrify

Elina Rudkovsky


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As players traverse the apocalyptic city of Hell-A in Dead Island 2, they'll encounter a variety of stunning and spine-chilling locations that will stick with them long after the game is over. These unforgettable spots range from famous real-life LA landmarks to eerie new environments created just for the game. Here are eight of the best locations in Dead Island 2 that every player should take the time to explore and experience.

1. Halperin Hotel: The Birth of Nightmare

Halperin Hotel

The Halperin Hotel is an eerie and unforgettable introduction to the world of Dead Island 2. In this gut-wrenching and horrifying environment, players will feel the tension rise as they explore a half-burning hotel filled with undead horrors. The hotel's chaotic state is a stark reminder of how abruptly the outbreak began, as evidence of a military attempt to melt bodies in the pool clashes with vestiges of a wedding that was about to take place. The spine-chilling atmosphere and shocking discoveries lurking within the Halperin Hotel make it a must-visit location for any player.

2. Monarch Studios: The Silver Screen's Dark Side

Monarch Studios

In Hell-A's Monarch Studios, players get a taste of Hollywood's glamour and gore. This gripping location allows gamers to explore the movie sets of some of the most popular films in the game. Players will encounter zombies dressed in costumes from various movies and TV shows, adding a surreal sense of horror to the otherwise star-studded environment. Monarch Studios offers an intriguing blend of decadence and decay, making it an essential stop for players traversing Hell-A.

3. Santa Monica: A Pier That Pierces the Heart

Santa Monica

Los Angeles' famous Santa Monica beach and pier have become nightmarish versions of themselves in Dead Island 2. Once a bustling hotspot for tourists, the Santa Monica pier is now an eerie wasteland infested with the undead. The Ferris wheel, once a symbol of joy, now glows ominously in the darkness, casting an unsettling pallor over the environment. Players can visit Santa Monica during the day to take in the stunning vistas of the sea, but the horrifying transformation of this once-happy location makes it a chilling experience.

4. Bel-Air: Luxurious Decay

Luxurious Decay

In Bel-Air, the game's residential area, players will come face-to-face with some of Hell-A's most famous residents. The luxurious homes have become breeding grounds for the undead, and players will need to navigate these once-opulent environments with caution. Exploring Bel-Air is both fascinating and unnerving, as the idyllic setting hides a sinister undercurrent of danger.

5. Beverly Hills: A Shopping Spree Gone Wrong

Beverly Hills

Another prominent residential area in Dead Island 2, Beverly Hills, is now crawling with undead horrors. Despite its reputation for luxury, Beverly Hills has become a playground for some of the game's most formidable zombie foes. Players who visit this location will have their hands full battling the undead, but the rewards are well worth it, as they can acquire essential resources and upgrades for their characters.

6. Hollywood Boulevard: A Walk of Fame Turned to Walk of Shame

Hollywood Boulevard

Dead Island 2's Hollywood Boulevard transforms the iconic street into a nightmarish gauntlet, overrun with zombies and abandoned by the living. Despite the bleak landscape, players can still catch glimpses of the boulevard's former glory – or even pretend to walk down the red carpet, now covered in gore. Visiting Hollywood Boulevard is a bittersweet experience, mixing the excitement of iconic sights with the horror of the apocalyptic setting.

7. Ocean Avenue: Shop 'Til You Drop... Dead

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue in Dead Island 2 is a commercial area twisted into a terrifying battleground. Once a bustling shopping district, Ocean Avenue has now become a maze of abandoned storefronts and infested hotels. Players can loot the area's many buildings and help survivors search for their missing loved ones. However, the danger is ever-present, and players must always be on guard for the undead lurking in every corner.

8. Venice Beach: Sun, Surf, and Slaughter

Venice Beach

Finally, the game's expansive Venice Beach location is an unforgettable mix of sun-soaked scenery and heart-pounding horror. With wide-open spaces and beautiful views of the sea, Venice Beach is a refreshing change of pace, offering players the opportunity to regroup and strategize. However, the hordes of undead that frequent the area ensure that no respite lasts for long, making Venice Beach an exhilarating, if often nerve-wracking, place to explore.

In Conclusion: The Crème de la Crème

Among these eight unforgettable locations in Dead Island 2, Venice Beach stands out as the ultimate fan favorite. While each area offers unique challenges and experiences, Venice Beach provides a stunning mix of relaxation and adrenaline-pumping action, making it the perfect playground for players seeking both beauty and danger within the thrilling world of Hell-A. So gear up, get ready, and dive into the heart-pounding adventure that awaits you in Dead Island 2.