Wayfair Becomes First to Test Pinterest's Data Clean Rooms Trials

Audrey Hansen


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By building a data-driven advertising and marketing model, Pinterest has attracted numerous businesses and brands seeking to understand their target audience better. The company's next significant step in data privacy and targeting capabilities is the launch of its data clean rooms trial in collaboration with LiveRamp, a privacy-centric data collaboration platform. Retail giant Wayfair is set to become the first company to incorporate the new process, marking a pivotal moment in data privacy and analytics for marketers.

In January, Pinterest announced its data clean rooms partnership with LiveRamp to address the challenges posed by Apple's iOS 14 update and other evolving privacy measures. Data clean rooms help ensure that third parties cannot access any data used in the targeting and analytics process. This enables comparable audience targeting that brands are now used to in social apps while safeguarding user privacy. By combining customer lists and Pinterest information, marketers can achieve more advanced segmentation and lookalike reach.

The pilot program featuring Wayfair will provide insights into customer actions within the Pinterest app in a privacy-safe manner. LiveRamp's data collaboration platform ensures that neither Pinterest nor Wayfair will have access to each other's identifiable customer data while still offering aggregated insights into ad performance on Pinterest. The clean rooms approach has emerged as a potential solution to overcome data loss concerns that have plagued the digital marketing sector over the past two years.

Pinterest has observed that brands that use a combination of data points rather than relying on a single source achieve better results. By utilizing granular, interest-based targeting along with first-party customer lists, advertisers have experienced significantly improved performance. As data privacy concerns continue to rise, platforms must find innovative ways to provide marketers with valuable insights without compromising user privacy. Pinterest's clean rooms trial with Wayfair could pave the way for a new era in targeted advertising and analytics.

In conclusion, the partnership between Pinterest, LiveRamp, and Wayfair marks an exciting development in the realm of data privacy and targeted marketing. Through the data clean rooms approach, marketers can access crucial insights and improve their targeting strategies while preserving the privacy of users on social platforms. If this trial proves successful, it may herald a broader adoption of clean rooms by other platforms and businesses, ultimately benefiting both marketers and consumers in the long run.