Wanna Try iOS 15 Beta on Your iPhone? Think of These Three Things!

Elina Rudkovsky


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What’s promised about iOS 15 is highly seductive. And we’re not only speaking about its notifications and security features, but also the revamped interface of some apps, camera tweaks, and so on. Still, if you want to experience this before the official release, there are some things to consider before you install it. These can be certain flies in your iOintment.


Betas are always about bugs, and iOS is no exception. In fact, bugs are the very reason for betas to exist: they are used in real mode to detect all the appearing bugs and fix them in the release version. Sometimes it means sacrificing entire features, and Apple is famous for its all-or-nothing attitude. It means that if you are already used to a smooth iOS experience, the bugs that do exist will break your fun. Especially given that already detected ones include iPhone not recognizing a physical SIM card.

Compatibility Issues

While most developers already test their apps on iOS 15 (having installed it long before you do), the apps you use may suddenly not be optimized for it yet. In the worst situation, they just won’t run at all. They may run in general but have issues with syncing, access to hardware, and other features. Imagine that it’s the app you use daily, like your bank, your email client, or your cloud workspace. No, it’s not the way to go.

Battery Not Optimized

It’s another unkillable issue with iOS betas. First, developers make sure everything works, then they start to optimize how the battery survives it all. At the end of the day, the battery time should also improve (or at least not decline so greatly), but betas are open for exceptions. It can happen even with release versions (remember a not-so-long-ago story with iOS 14.6); how can you expect beta to skip this?

Well, you can neglect all these considerations if you have an extra iPhone or iPad you can test it on. Otherwise, you better wait for the release version to enjoy the iOS 15 you deserve.