Twitter Expands Partner Program to Assist Users in Marketing

Elina Rudkovsky


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In recent years, Twitter has greatly expanded its customers' opportunity to use tweets for marketing purposes. The last step in this direction was increasing the number of participants in the Official Partner Program. It has long established itself as an effective solution to help promote goods and services, so attracting new members was a logical move.

The company decided to invite seven more large corporations to its program: Bloomberg, Talkwalker, Meltwater, Netbase Quid, Black Swan Data, Hootsuite, and ListenFirst Media. Each of these companies has its own customer base, which will now be leveraging Twitter tools to make better use of the services. They will also be able to get expert advice on utilizing data and new instruments in their business.

By the way, all applicants were carefully selected. According to representatives of the social network, all those who entered the program fully meet several key criteria. For example, they provide exceptionally high-quality products, have a stable and growing business and a good reputation in the market, and meet generally accepted industry standards.

All of these characteristics ensure that these partners will make the best use of Twitter's tools. Of course, the listed companies also benefit from such cooperation. They will now have access to social network analytics and early access to beta versions of future updates.

Expanding the affiliate program means increasing the number of marketing tools available in a wide variety of categories to other businesses. Currently, 13 leading companies from such industries as customer service and feedback, social marketing, and brand and event monitoring work with Twitter. So you will definitely find an expert in the direction that is important specifically for your business.