Twitter Can Add “Twitter Article” Option to Accommodate for Longer Posts

Elina Rudkovsky


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In the not-so-distant future, people will be able to post full-sized articles on Twitter. At least, that is what is suggested by the gossip of Twitter working on the new feature that should enable users to publish longer texts on the platform. A hidden menu has been recently discovered on the company website, advertising the “Create a Twitter Article” option. The finding might indicate that there is soon to be a way to post much lengthier tweets not restricted to specific account types.

It is not the first time this social media giant has attempted to reshape its most recognizable feature to appease the most voluble writers. In 2017, we saw Twitter lift the extra-severe 140-character-only restriction imposed on all publications, giving users twice as much space to be creative. In 2020, those who still could not fit all of their thoughts into a single 280-character tweet were allowed to express themselves through continuous threads. Now, it seems, Twitter is about to take a great leap forward and offer authors a brand-new format for communicating their ideas to the world. 

So far, there has not been any information about how the “Twitter Article” feature should work, whether it will be available to professional journalists only or when the company plans to roll it out. In the comment to CNET, a spokesperson for Twitter confirmed that the platform intended to share some details on the subject shortly. It is also possible that the new option will be opened to Twitter Blue subscribers first, as the Labs feature offers them early access to all new tools the platform is testing.

What are your expectations of the new Twitter feature? Would you be pleased if the platform switched to a long-form writing format? Leave a comment below, and feel free to share this post with others!