TikTok Tactics: Online Course for Marketers to Exploit TikTok Better

Elina Rudkovsky


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TikTok becomes a more and more commercialized platform, and it shows in its interaction with brands. The recent update is TikTok Tactics, a tool that’s made for improving communication between marketers and the platform. This course is supposed to teach marketers better techniques on TikTok and so get them deeper involved.

The platform is video-aligned (just what one might expect from TikTok). It’s addressing managers and marketers that want to promote their brands on TikTok but don’t know exactly how yet. The course provides insights on how the system works and offers more tips on how to implement your ideas on the platform TikTok provides.

There are four basic elements that the course includes. They are Attribution (web and app), Targeting, bidding, and optimization, Catalog, and Creative. Each of these sections includes a video overview and a description of three possible approaches, of which you need to select yours. For example, when it comes to Attribution, you can use just a one-pixel element to collect user responses from your site or proceed to more advanced elements. The same is with other elements of your potential strategy on TikTok.

TikTok plans this course as global indeed. On the registration page, along with your name and business email, you can select any country in the world (yes, including North Korea and Afghanistan), and almost any industry where your brand may operate. Of course, by promoting its own tools that are basically free, TikTok promotes its ad platform that is paid. But these tools, in both technical and marketing aspects, are really useful, so why not?

If you are an SMM or an advertiser, what do you think about this TikTok initiative? If you are a simple user, do you find advertising on TikTok efficient? And if you are an influencer, how do you benefit from collaboration with brands? Let’s discuss it in the comments!