TikTok Introduces New Marketer-Oriented Features

Audrey Hansen


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A host of new features were announced at TikTok World this year. The event was attended by brands determined not to miss the opportunities that the platform offers to them. Now, TikTok has begun implementing exciting changes to create even more appealing prospects for marketers.

The platform has recently introduced the public to its TikTok Creator Marketplace, a portal where brands interested in selling specific kinds of goods or services can look for creators to supply these. You can browse the newly created space to find talents that best fit your mission and vision as a brand. To aid your search, you can make use of statistics regarding today’s most viral trends, the platform’s audience, and much more. Given the fact that Tik-Tok is now the most widely downloaded app in over 40 countries, this surely promises a lot of new opportunities.

To support the new initiative, Open Application Campaigns were added. Brands can use this tool to educate creators on the Creator Marketplace, thus enhancing their chance of applying for and participating in the program. As President of the company’s Global Business Solutions team Blake Chandlee put it, the TikTop community “enjoys engaging with the brands they love.” The purpose of the new suite of features is to help brands and talents across the globe connect.

The Customized Instant Page feature enables the creation of fast-loading landing pages, while the Branded Content Toggle was added to make sure creators can disclose the fact that certain content is commercial straightaway. Finally, a bunch of inventory filters and brand safety features have been introduced. Does it make you want to explore the new marketplace? Tell us in the comment what or who you’d be especially excited to see there.