The Walking Dead: Survivors Is a Strategy Mobile Take on the Universe

David Byrne


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While game developers have always been after The Walking Dead’s success, following the comic book and the TV series, these games were mostly survival adventures for PC. The new one coming soon will be a strategy where the player controls an entire village to make it grow and prosper as far as it’s possible. It is being developed by Elex Studio (China) along with Skybound, The Walking Dead rights owner.

It would have been disappointing to see an official The Walking Dead game being too basic, but, as far as we know, the game will differ from regular strategies. The survival story will involve two types of villagers: fighters and builders. Both will be of great demand, as the unusual structure of the gameplay incorporates elements of town-building, tower defense, and story mode.

Fans of comic books and the core TV series will meet the familiar characters which appear at their best. It does not strictly follow these versions of events, and thanks for that. How otherwise would we see, say. Glenn alive and opposing Negan like he did the undead?

As far as we know, the game will be free-to-play, with microtransaction featured. It will be released for Android and iOS simultaneously.