The New League of Legends Video for Season That Starts January 7

Elina Rudkovsky


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When League of Legends starts a new season, it is usually accompanied by a video that announces what awaits the players. It seems that the next video for the upcoming Season 12 is to be released on January 7. But so far, the official LoL account only has shown a teaser that hints at something to be seen in the video.

The text of the banner that appears on the official League of Legends Twitter is the following: “A new journey beckons on January 7th. How will you answer?” The meta-information tells very little: it’s in the traditional colors in LoL, and fonts also say nothing. There are no new images even in the background. Still, it has given us a lot to think about.

It’s a long-time tradition of League of Legends to start a new gaming season with a video that partly explains what goes on in the game and partly adds new riddles for players to solve. Usually, this video also features an original song that becomes an instant hit among fans. So it happened with the video released in 2021, named Ruination. We don’t know yet whether to expect a musical masterpiece or a purely narrative video.

As for the upcoming video (as well as for the upcoming season), it’s too early yet to speculate. We know some details about changes to come: for example, the champions will be slightly rebalanced, as well as the effects of items. But it’s too little to predict the entire direction of the new season. The video will become available as soon as Season 12 starts. The date is already announced: it’s January 7. It’s time to either take some rest during the interseason or cheer up a bit and remember how to play.

Do you count minutes till Season 12 starts? Will you watch the video immediately as it’s out? Or will you rather start playing? League of Legends is a way of life, do you agree with this? If you have something to share, you can do it here in the comments.