The Major Platforms to Play Poppy Playtime

Elina Rudkovsky


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The new favorite horror survival game Poppy Playtime is on demand. While Windows owners are already enjoying Huggy Wuggy's terrible hugs, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch users are worried about the future prospects of the game. They are hoping to see the game on these platforms, while MOB Games don’t have an exact answer.

Poppy Playtime offers horrible adventures in the abandoned toy factory for anyone who has a PC. After you download the game on Steam, you turn into an ex-employee of this factory who needs to solve the mystery of other workers’ disappearance. All you have is the GrabPack that you found at this factory. For now, PS4 and PS5 owners don’t have the game in the PlayStation store. There is no port for this game, yet, developers may change this situation based on the game’s popularity. Yet, there was no official announcement from MOB Games.

Poppy Playtime is not released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S either. The game was created as a part of a trilogy. There is only the 1st Chapter available. If you want to see the 2nd Chapter you have to wait until 2022 to buy it separately as a different game. Microsoft has not made any official announcement that might confirm the plans to integrate the game on Xbox.

Nintendo Switch owners remain hopeful. They continue to wait for the game on Switch since the platform is known for its support of numerous indie games. While there were no comments from MOB Games, we have to wait until 2022 to receive more updates on the topic.

Poppy Playtime is currently available on Windows. To download the game you need to have a 64-bit processor and Windows 10 system. The game is not free of charge, but pretty affordable since it costs only $4.99.

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