The Launch Of The First League Of Legends Spinoffs And Much More

Audrey Hansen


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Riot Forge, Riot's new publishing label, debuted in late 2019. Riot hopes to expand the League of Legends universe with their new publishing label. To do this, they are providing independent developers more creative flexibility and freedom to create their own artistic and gameplay decisions.

Riot Forge will take on a more supervisory role to assist the new developers in understanding the vast League of Legends world. Riot Forge just launched its first titles, which include a rhythm platformer ''Hextech Mayhem'' developed by Bit. They also launched a turn-based RPG ''Ruined King'' developed by Airship Syndicate.

Hextech Mayhem is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PC, with a Netflix Games version on the way. While Ruined King will be available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, next-generation versions for PlayStation and Xbox will be released later.

Riot has also stated that another new game is in development and will be released in 2022. The new game will be named "Song of Nunu," and it will be developed by Tequila Works. According to the game description, it is a lovely adventure game that will feature Willump and Nunu as they go on a journey to find Nunu’s mother.

Riot also revealed that the Convergence, as well as a mystery title set in the Demacia region, will be released next year. A League-based MMO is also in the works, and Riot is now filming Arcane, its first animated series, which will be available on Netflix. With all of these recent developments, you can be sure Riot and the League of Legends community are quite busy and excited right now.

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