Spider-Man and PUBG Mobile Partners Up

Elina Rudkovsky


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A new update of The PUBG Mobile introduced Spider-Man to the players. It happened after Sony Pictures and Tencent Games with Krafton Inc announced a new collaboration. Now the PUBG Mobile world has a new dweller that may help you to get the new map.

It is clear that the new collaboration is a part of the big promotion campaign for the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. You can enter the mode in the game that allows you to team up with the superhero and receive the map. Players will see the crossover once the game updates to the 1.8 version. The map is called the Aftermath with a slight flavor of DMZ after the war.

This is the first time The PUBG collaborates with Sony Pictures and the first time when players receive the ability to play together with Spider-Man. Developers add more activities to the new mode and numerous items that create the Spider-Man atmosphere inside the game. The new mode allows players to drop into Livik or Erangel to make friends with Spider-Man. There they will be able to receive new collectibles and new skills, like flying around the territory the same way the superhero does and shooting the webs.

To receive the supplies players need, they have to visit Erangel’s Mylta Power. There they need to defeat the new boss with the help of Spider-Man. Once they receive No Way Home Web Shooter, they can hit enemies with the webs from their hands. This Shooter can be found in the No Way Home Crates across the Erangel. Find the loot and receive a Shooter and other valuable items. The spraying webs that can slow down the player might be useful for you. Don’t worry, Spider-Man will help you to get everything you need together.

Are you excited about the new crossover in The PUBG Mobile? Which superhero is your favorite? Share your thoughts on possible collaborations of Tencent Games in the comments below.