Snapchat Introduces Bitmoji Outfits and Custom Landmarkers

Elina Rudkovsky


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Snapchat continues to expand its range of features and work on its AR platform. This time, the social media platform introduced Bitmoji outfits for users and also added Custom Landmarkers that can be used by marketers.

When it comes to Bitmojis, they have been quite popular on Snapchat for a while now. Their purpose is to help users express their identities any way they want on Snapchat and now it has become easy to dress Bitmojis in different outfits. It is possible to share looks with friends and choose clothes from famous brands right in the app. If you want to show your friends how you dressed your Bitmoji, you should simply click on the ‘Share Outfit’ button.

As for Custom Landmarkers, this feature allows users to expand their augmented reality experiences. By using the Lens Studio, Snapchat marketers can develop landmarks for storefronts and some other objects. With the help of this new AR feature, users can tell deeper stories about their communities and enrich different locations in the city. As a result, shoppers can engage in a meaningful way with businesses and learn more about them.

Snapchat started allowing users to anchor locations with the help of Landmarkers in 2019. At first, there have been only 30 famous sites used and now Lenses have become extremely popular. According to Snapchat, there is now ‘an infinite number of places’ for AR creators to work on and create Lenses that will be tied to specific locations. The advanced feature was announced in December and it is currently rolling out for different devices. Before viewers see any Lenses created by the community, they will be checked by the moderation teams of Snapchat.

What do you think about the Custom Landmarkers feature? Do you plan to use it? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below.