Snapchat Adds Group Talks

Audrey Hansen


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The popular app rolls out a new feature: now you can message your entire friend-list simultaneously. Let’s see how the group chat works.

It’s not just ethereal messaging and location-sharing that Snapchat can offer. It also has a group chat feature that’s arrived with the latest update.

The capacity of the group chat is pretty impressive: it’s up to 63 people that you can talk to. Besides, you can invite both friends and strangers to your chat, as long as you stay within the capita limit.

Your invitees, in turn, can ask more people to join. Every participant is marked with a unique color. Sadly, there’s no way to assign a specific color to a certain chatter — color-coding your convos is a no-no.

Another quirky gimmick is the animated bitmojis. They will appear above each chat member’s name when they’ll be typing a message.

Considering that it’s 60+ people we are talking about, a group chat risks turning into animated, seizure-inducing pandemonium. So far, you can’t hide bitmojis from appearing, but we hope Snapchat will add this option later.

And here’s how you invite a person:

  • Tap the chat icon — it’s in the bottom right corner of the feed.
  • Tap Create a New Group and give it a name.
  • Now simply add the people you want to see in your group chat.

Furthermore, via the group chat, you can share videos, pictures, and so on. Snapchat also stays true to its “ethereal” concept, and all messages will be wiped out after 24 hours.

However, if you want to keep them as memorabilia, you can tweak the settings. There’s an option to keep your messages forever.

In case you’re overwhelmed with invitations, it’s easy to leave a group chat:

  • Tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  • Tap Leave Group.

And chat notifications will stop buzzing.

Snapchat follows the trend of group convos with its impressively big 63-people chats. What other options could this app use? Let us know in the comments!