Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Has Arrived

David Byrne


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A new expansion for the popular life simulator has finally made it. Titled Blooming Rooms, it allows players to decorate their houses with gorgeous flora. 

The Sims 4 got a new update called Blooming Rooms. As you’ve guessed from its name, in the new DLC you’ll be welcomed to turn your house into a lush garden.

The DLC has been live since November 9, and there’s a caboodle of oxygen-emitting leafy friends to get, as well as extra decoration elements.

As usual, every item will cost you a handful of Simoleons. But, it seems, you will get a double profit from buying the plants. First, they make your house look like almost a Versailles garden. Second, they probably can affect your Sim’s mood in a positive way.

For example, here’s what it says about the Desert Rose This adorable desert rose bonsai is here to complete your life and make existence a better place! With all that, it costs 475 Simoleons.

Other available items include Dieffenbachia, Sunny Days Citrus Tree, Triostar Stronthe, Ferntastic Mr. Fern, Superb Nasturtiums, Therapeutic Ficus, and so on.

It also appears that you’ll have to invest some effort to take care of the in-house flora. The DLC offers to buy extra accessories to let your plants bloom faster and better.

If you shell out more Simoleons, you can obtain a Green Light Plant Lamp, Biophilic Room Divider, All the Rage Plant Cage, Of Glass and Greenery, and so forth. And additional elements like String-of-Pearls Lamp will make your dwelling look even fancier.

The update costs merely $5. So, if you’ve always wanted to organize an indoor garden, or even mini-jungles, Blooming Rooms is here to help.

The Blooming Rooms DLC is already available on all platforms. Get it and fill your house with more joy and oxygen. What elements would you like to see in future updates? Share your opinion with us!