PUBG: New State Is Hosting a Giveaway

Elina Rudkovsky


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It’s Christmastime in PUBG: New State and you can claim some nice rewards. Dubbed Winter Carnival, it will be a time-limited event.

PUBG: New State premiered last November. And now it’s the first Christmas season in the game for all players to join.

To celebrate the days of snow and hot cocoa, PUBG has rolled out a special giveaway for active members. You can redeem a bunch of free and exclusive cosmetics.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Log into your gaming profile every day.
  • Head to this official coupon page.
  • Use the gift code WINTERCARNIVAL15.

This code will allow you to redeem a spicy Mexican mariachi hat, sunglasses to earn extra coolness points, and a pair of shoes.

The offer is time-limited. The bonus items are already available for redeeming, and the giveaway will last until January 6.

You can also win 3 free tickets to unlock the Lord of Blood loot box. To do this, you also need to just log into your New State profile.

PUBG is hosting the giveaway simultaneously with Fortnite. In the latter battle royale, you can also claim a whole caboodle of cosmetics. 

They include the Spider-Man costumes, Isabelle skins, Polar Peely suit. Plus, there are bonus gliders to claim.

Being slightly older than one month, PUBG: New State has already crossed the 45 million players mark. To celebrate this, the first update in the game’s history has been designed.

It includes: 

  • L85A3 assault rifle,
  • Survivor Pass vol. 2,
  • Weapon customizations,
  • Brand-new Lobby theme, 
  • Electron and Mesta vehicles.

Besides, a new system has been introduced to lower the toxicity levels in the PUBG community. It’s a merit point system, which will keep on track of a player’s overall behavior.

So, behave well if you want the PUBG Santa to leave a cool freebie in your stocking. Have you redeemed these bonuses yet? Let us know in the comments!