Pokémon Unite Celebrates the First Halloween

Elina Rudkovsky


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Starting October 20, the first Pokémon MOBA game will celebrate the first Halloween in its history. Let’s see what new stuff there’s to try.

Pokémon Unite Halloween Festival has recently been reported online. The occasion adds a better approach to play and handsome rewards for both your mentor and your Pokémon athletes. And of course, the spookiest season will be celebrated with the thematic additions.

The Festival will launch in the game from October 20 to November 7.  As an extra boon, there’s some time-restricted loot you can win by competing.

Getting the trophies and rewards will make you show some discipline, which means regular, everyday battling. But the prize will be sweet: you’ll snatch some rare items and cosmetics that you’ll be bragging about until the next season starts.

Plus, you’re getting a splendid chance to rock the Pikachu Mask or Pointed Hat as a Pokémon coach. After all, an occasion rarely comes to put them on.

Besides, the trailer showed that the wardrobe for some Pokémon will be extended. Among them are Charizard, Blastoise, Zeraora, Wigglytuff, and others. Plus, new gameplay mechanics will make a debut during the season.

Now, defeating the opponent requires you to turn them into a pumpkin, black magic style. To deal even more damage, you’ll need to use a Pumpkin Attack — the temporary addition to your arsenal. Perhaps, it sends an opponent into a long-lasting KO.

And as the cherry on top, some new Pokémon will be introduced. Some of them are ghost-type to highlight the eerie atmosphere of the fest. And you’ll have to unleash all your strategy and trickery to pin them to the ground.
Halloween comes to Pokémon Unite for the first time — don’t miss this historic event! What other content should the game also have? Share your opinion in the commentaries.