Personal Shops Is in League of Legends Now

Elina Rudkovsky


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Personal Shop is a feature, which allows you to obtain skins for your favorite champions. At a discount. 

Your Shop isn’t something like a permanent store in League of Legends. It’s more of a promotions campaign. And with it, you can expand your champion’s wardrobe at a lower price.

Your Shop analyzes your current roster of champions. Once it’s done, a pack of “hand-picked” skins to dress your heroes and heroines will be offered to you.

For instance, if you favor Braum, Cassiopeia, Kindred, Kog’Maw, or Amumu
the Sad Mummy, the shop will browse a bunch of costumes based on them. At a discount.   

However, there’s always a catch. It seems, Your Shop isn’t really generous about epic or legendary outfits. 

There’s a good deal of rare costumes to buy at a cheaper price. But if you want to dress your Aphelios or Maizahar in something truly epic, you’ll need to pay the full price.

Besides, Your Shop doesn’t show the costumes that are already on sale to the game’s client. At the same time, odds are you can fish out a costume that’s been a temporary offer some time ago.

Your Shop promo campaign is time-limited. It’s already gone live, and the end date is set for January 16. This promo is 10 days longer than winter events in Fortnite and PUBG.

Speaking of winter events, Riot Games didn’t plan to resurrect Snowdown Showdown this year, as it appears. Instead, there is a Wild Rift patch release. And it does have some Christmasy vibe.

It includes:

  • Bad Santa Veigar,
  • Santa Braum,
  • Winter Wonder Lulu,
  • Blood Moon Thresh,
  • Dunkmaster Darius (Legendary),

As well as a bunch of accessories: Chilly Penguin bauble, Augmented Reality
icon, Reboot Program recall, Galaxy Brain, Unimpressed, emotes, and other stuff 

Christmas has come to League of Legends anyway. And which skin would you like to be at a discount? Let us know in the comments!