Officially: GTA Trilogy Coming This Year

Elina Rudkovsky


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Rockstar has released the official GTA Trilogy news. According to company representatives, this collection will be released this year. Of course, it is nothing new to the franchise fans. Rumors about it have been around for a long time, and even leakers have confirmed that a remaster of three games should be expected shortly. Finally, the official confirmation of the inside information has been released.

The set will be marked as "Definitive Edition" and include three parts: III, VC, and SA. These games in the series gained particular popularity among users and had a significant impact on the gaming industry as a whole. It is reported that the developers tried to keep the classic vibe of old projects, but at the same time, improved the gameplay and graphics and included many other updates.

While it is welcome and nice news for all fans, it also has a downside. The fact is that Rockstar plans to remove the originals of the listed games from all digital stores starting from October 11th. It is unclear how things will be with those who already own these versions and whether they will be offered updates for an additional fee. If you have already purchased GTA games, you can still play them.

The rest of the details are still classified. It is expected that the developers will share with gamers other info about this ambitious project during the week. Recall that in October this year, GTA III celebrates its twentieth anniversary. In honor of the event, themed items will also be added to GTA Online for a limited time.

Many fans have already tried to create their own remasters of these three games on several occasions. However, every such attempt was harshly suppressed, including with the help of lawsuits. How do you feel about the upcoming remasters? Are you planning on purchasing new versions? Or happy with the ones you already have?