New Video Editor in Lightroom Turns Beneficial for Photographers

Elina Rudkovsky


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The new editor offered in Lightroom is getting on-demand among photographers. Amateurs also find it easy to use. Apparently, it significantly improves the quality of the image without any extra knowledge from users.

Good news! Users of Lightroom are finally able to not only download but edit the videos. They receive a wide range of tools, including different effects, color grading, and batch-apply presets. The new feature is supported by the desktop and mobile versions. Yet, all the tools are already familiar to you.

The major benefit of the new feature is that there is nothing extraordinary or tough in using it. Moreover, you will see only those instruments you have used before if you worked with Lightrooms. Since the movie is just a series of moving pictures, you already have the experience with its editing, you just don’t know it yet. If you need to manipulate or color-grade movie, you can do it the same way you did with images. Accept the fact that you have to repeat the procedure on more images. Photographers can now improve the videos they created.

According to the movie professional Sty Maschwitz, while there are a limited amount of color controls that can be used in Video from Lightroom, it is usually enough for photographers. If you need more options you may try other programs specifically made for such cases. Meanwhile, the features Lightroom provides will be appreciated by all the users.

The new feature is simple in use. You may start from the very beginning of the video or choose the order of editions as you want. If you don’t need some pieces of video you can chop them out. Once a user decides to edit the movie, there is a Final Cut Pro available. Apart from that, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro with a wide line of tools focused on video editions. There are presets powered by AI that can adapt to any image that the program receives.

Which features do you need for movie editing? Will you use the service for your videos? Explain your opinion below.