New Upgrades to iPhone’s Camera

Elina Rudkovsky


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The latest iPhone version is reported to get some camera updates. Users will be able to try a Cinematic Video with blurring effects and a new filter system. A ProRes video format, created for professional video editing, will appear. There might be other new features that we will see later, and it’s a shortlist of the main upgrades of the iPhone’s camera. 

The Cinematic Video allows you to make a record with a blurred background. Samsung has been using this technique for several years now, and Apple will add it to the latest version too. There are portrait photos available for iOS users. They can take an image of the subject and make the background blurred. Now you will be able to create videos with such an effect too. 

Among the other updates, a remarkable one is the new filter system due to which you can get a lot of instruments to edit photos. For example, you may improve contrast and brightness, color and shadow. You will also get various style options to choose from. This function differs from the one that exists now. It will use artificial intelligence to provide changes and edit images. As a result, you will receive tips on how to improve your photo.

A ProRes video format is used mostly by professional editors, and now, it will be a part of the iPhone’s camera upgrade. According to the report, the latest version will also have a higher refresh rate for screens. Apple was the first who used this feature in the iPad Pro. It makes the scrolling process smoother and more pleasant. Most Android phones have already applied this function, and users are currently satisfied with it. 

Apple usually offers a big upgrade of their phones every year. In 2021, the changes are expected to be less crucial than those in 2020. At that time, Apple added support for 5G networks and introduced new mini and pro models. Nowadays, big upgrades related to the new iPhone’s camera features are expected.