Netflix Tudum: Top News From the Event

Audrey Hansen


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It’s been four days since Netflix held its global fan event, affectionately dubbed Tudum after that familiar chime that precedes each of the company’s videos. It was a live stream broadcast across YouTube channels belonging to Netflix, with more coverage on Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Over three hours, each with a different host, the virtual stage welcomed around a hundred and fifty creators. The number of series and films thus presented neared 100.

Probably the most important piece of news is that the viewers were able to catch a glimpse of the second season of Bridgerton, currently a major hit with Netflix’s audience. Set in the Regency era, the series has garnered over 80 million households, thus beating The Witcher. The new season, featuring Simone Ashley from Sex Education’s cast, won’t start streaming until next year, so the short teaser became a major event. 

The aforementioned Witcher series is getting a third season, which was announced along with presenting the teaser for Season 2. The public also had a chance to see behind the scenes of the live-action prequel to the story, Blood Origin. Those who have been waiting to see the screen version of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman were shown a brief yet captivating teaser, although the premiere date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

A teaser of Don’t Look Up, a star-filled save-the-world story showcasing Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and Leonardo DiCaprio in their attempt to save the world, was released at Tudum. The live-action interpretation of Cowboy Bebop, scheduled for release in November, was highlighted with an opening title sequence. Another much-anticipated event, the beginning of Season 2 of Tiger King, which became a huge hit during the pandemic, was officially announced for November 17th.

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