Netflix Releases 5 New Mobile Games

Audrey Hansen


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At last, Netflix launched the long-awaited update that brought mobile games to the streaming platform. Years of experiments with different audiences resulted in 5 platform-exclusive mobile games available to all subscribers. But are they worthy titles? Let’s see. 

New? Almost

The list of Netflix games includes 5 new titles:

  • Stranger Things: 1984
  • Stranger Things 3
  • Shooting Hoops
  • Card Blast
  • Teeter Up

Of course, the headliners are the two Stranger Things games, while the rest seem to be fillers for fans of time killers or whoever. The great news is that everyone can download and play these games for no extra fee. Simply go to the new Games tab in the app, and proceed to download the games via Google Play. 

The company hired Mike Verdu as the head of the gaming division. He gained rich industry experience when he worked with EA, Konami, Zynga, Legend Entertainment, and Kabam, all of which are large and financially successful game developers. However, it’s still a big question whether Netflix can be both a streaming and gaming service and remain the leader in both. 

Most probably, the gaming division’s importance is overblown by the media and serves just as one of the ways to retain user attention better. It’s early to judge now, anyway, so let’s give Netflix a chance and see what it has for us in the gaming field. Hopefully, they’re up to a bunch of great mobile games based on top titles. Stranger Things is already here and it’s good, so the expectations are high. 

Almost Done

You can currently experience Netflix games only on Android devices, but the iOS update is expected soon. At least Netflix promises so on Twitter. Have you already tried these titles? What are your favorites? Hop to the comments section to chat about the update and don’t forget to share the link to the news on social media.