Neo Berlin 2087 – Budget Deus Ex Copycat or Something More?

Elina Rudkovsky


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Have you ever heard of "Neo Berlin 2087"? It's a sci-fi action thriller RPG with shooter and stealth elements, set in a dark vision of Berlin. It's a student project developed with Unreal Engine 5, and its new trailer has recently become available for viewing. Everyone was curious about it, yet the end result didn't seem to impress gamers. Is the game really a budget Deus Ex copycat, or something more?

The new trailer of Neo Berlin 2087 reveals gameplay inspirations taken from Deus Ex, which is nothing to be ashamed of. The visuals are astonishing, making heavy use of Metahuman technology. Unfortunately, it's quite clear that the project was created with a limited budget, as evidenced by the frequent frame rate drops. Many viewers have made such remarks on the trailer, some even going as far as to express doubts on whether the game is actually a university project.

But the low budget doesn't necessarily mean that the game is going to be bad. Most likely, the developers are still in the process of optimizing the game for consoles and PC, and the frame rate should improve in the full release. There's also the possibility that Neo Berlin 2087 will bring something new to the table, something that gamers haven't seen before. After all, this is an ambitious project, and with the help of Unreal Engine 5, it could still exceed the expectations of many.

In conclusion, Neo Berlin 2087 is still in development, so it's hard to make any conclusions about it now. However, we can be sure that the scale and ambition of the project will require a lot of work from the developers, and the game won't be finished anytime soon. Only then will we be able to tell whether the game is a Deus Ex copycat or something much more? We can only wait and see.