More Details on Fall Guys Season 6

Elina Rudkovsky


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Fall Guys Season 6 is promising to be outstanding. Developers continue to share more details about it. There will be new rewards, modes, and benefits for players. This crazy set of highly competitive mini-games is going to collaborate with Ghost of Tsushima and Sackboy.

Mediatonic developers have announced Fall Guys Season 6: Party Spectacular on November 23. They shared details about the game with players. According to the official information, there will be 20 Crowns, 20,000 Kudos, and 50 new reward tiers players have to unlock. Apart from that, your characters can change 25 more costumes.

This time, the company decided to collaborate with more popular games. You can wear a Jin Sakai outfit from Ghost of Tsushima. If you believe there is nothing extraordinary in the skin for such a wild game as Fall Guys, you can try the Sackboy outfit during the special event with limited time. Fall Guys' new season will bring more stages of different difficulty. Prepare to survive cannons with water balloons, trapeze bars, vacuum tubes at the Party Gauntlet. Pay attention to the Full Tilt that introduces the very first 360 degree see-saws in the game.

Pipe Dreams will send your bean into the unknown, and you can scream as long as you want there. During the Airtime challenge, you need to survive the airborne. In the Leading Light, you have to follow the ducking beans.

It looks like the new season brings even more fun to the players. Apart from the new benefits, there will be more updates in already existing modes, including Spectator Mode. There will be more fixes of Circular Tumbles as well. If you like Fall Guys events, prepare to take part in numerous parties promised by Mediatonic.
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