League of Legends: New Keystone from the Inspiration Tree Revealed

Elina Rudkovsky


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Before the new League of Legends season appears, we have time to learn the changes the game inevitably brings to the table. In this preseason, the game will deliver more new content than it does in a regular update, so the new season feels different. The most significant update of this preseason is a new Keystone named First Strike. 

The new Keystone requires that the player should be the first to strike (hence the name). As a reward, it gives the player 5 Gold and adds 12% to the damage to the opponent champions. This damage also gives additional Gold, and its amount depends on the damage dealt. The effect of this rune lasts for three seconds. Try this rune with Vladimir, Kennen, or other champions for maximum effect.

Experienced players might notice that this new addition resembles Kleptomancy a bit. Comparing them directly is impossible because Kleptomancy was removed from the game last season. Still, the addition fills the gap, being much more versatile than Kleptomancy.

The game becomes more balanced with this rune, as those with weaker Champions can now use them earlier in the game and get to the point when their abilities really reveal their potential. The long-lasting effect of this innovation may result in this rune tree gaining popularity, as it’s been the least demanded, despite its potential power.

It will take some time for this rune to gain popularity, and probably it will happen after a significant stream. After a popular streamer shows how First Strike can be used, it will probably cause a wave of followers trying to repeat the same effects or try new ones. Whatever happens, this rune may have a greater effect than expected, if it effectively restores the reputation of an entire tree. And those who master it the first will receive some advantage.