Just Cause: Mobile Expected in 2021

Elina Rudkovsky


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The Japanese video game company Square Enix, best known for the chart-slaying MMORPG Final Fantasy, announced a new game at the Game Awards ceremony held in December 2020. Just Cause: Mobile is to be released for both Android and Apple phone users in 2021. Here’s what to expect.

Just Cause: Mobile is described as an action-shooter game designed specifically for mobile devices, potentially eliminating porting issues. Square Enix promises a lot of shooting, parachute jumping, and grappling with 4 distinct game modes. Cooperation of up to 4 players is available, with a competitive multiplayer capability supporting as many as 30 players.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Just Cause: Mobile is expected to show vibrant, high-quality graphics. Add a well-thought-out movement system paired with responsive controls, all wound into a tight campaign-based plot with a voice chat for in-game communication, and you get something to wait for in 2021.

Square Enix stressed that the new game offers a full range of functionality on a free-to-play basis, with optional in-game purchases. More details are expected to appear in the game’s social channels.