It Takes Two Beats the Player Count Record on Steam

Elina Rudkovsky


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It Takes Two, a unique co-op platformer telling a story of a couple that has been charmed and transformed into dolls, was released in March 2021. But at the end of the year, as the game appeared in various charts of the best games of 2021, its popularity rose again. And not just rose, but beat the original records, giving it the best player count ever.

The game by Hazelight and EA is unique in the most basic way: its two characters need to be controlled simultaneously, by two players. It doesn’t mean that a single player cannot play it at all: there is an online matching system and a free friend pass for those who already own the game. Still, playing It Takes Two side by side is one of the most thrilling and intimate experiences that gaming can deliver.

Another reason why It Takes Two underwent this peak of attention is the winter 50% discount. Now you can buy this game at just half of its usual price. This also attracted many players that wanted to try this before but found it too expensive. In addition, many gamers prefer to avoid new titles until they get at least several patches and bug fixes.

Now It Takes Two has it all. Stable, cheaper than ever, critically acclaimed – what else would one wish? In addition, it’s available under EA Play, a subscription service that lets players for a small fee enjoy lots of games published by EA. No wonder It Takes Two these holidays has beat its active player record. The count hit quite an impressive mark of 24,402 players online. The number of those playing with Friend Pass has also hit the record height: 11,834.

If we assume that games are meant to enhance human communication rather than replace it, It Takes Two is one of the champions of this approach. It offers a fantastic opportunity to check how you and your gaming partner feel each other, no matter if it’s your significant other or a perfect stranger from the other end of the wire.

Have you already enjoyed It Takes Two? Did it take two in your case? And if you joined the players recently, was it the new hype or the discount? It takes just one to leave the comment here!