Is Fortnite Apple Coming Back?

Elina Rudkovsky


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Given the sweeping popularity of the now-iconic Fortnite tryad, there’s no wonder that its mobile version was met with much enthusiasm. Much to the fans’ disappointment, though, the project didn’t last. Apple found a tool used by Epic Games for effecting microtransactions to violate their terms and suited the company, and so a legal battle began, which put Fortnite Apple on halt.

On January 5, an update was released, which removed the very button at the root of the issue. The direct payment instrument was introduced to offer V-bucks at a reduced price by bypassing Apple storefronts. While there was no official statement as to the possible outcome, it has given rise to a lot of speculation. Some Twitter-based gaming accounts clearly interpret it as a step towards bringing back Fortnite iOS, while others insist the button’s disappearance shouldn’t be mistaken to signify any changes to come.

It’s hard to judge whether Epic’s step is meant to bring Fortnite back to Apple devices at this point. No updates for the game are currently available at Apple storefronts, although the game has never been deleted from existing users’ devices running on iOS.