Instagram Works On Live Producer

Elina Rudkovsky


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The popular social network is busy with the Live Producer service. It will make the live streams more advanced and professional. The feature is still in testing. Live Producer offers a simple way to stream video from the desktops of creators to the third parties they use.

Creators can move their videos from the desktops to any platforms they need just by duplicating the line of code. The code connects the streaming provider with Instagram Live. For now, all creators can use Streamlabs, Streamyard, and OBS. The list may expand in the future.

According to Instagram officials, the main goal of this tool is to increase the number of live streams that are looking professional. So, you can also download your content if you use professional cameras and multiple angles to record what you want. There can be professional microphones and even well-developed graphics in the video. For now, not everyone can get access to the features. Meanwhile, you can still add comments there. There is no support for the shopping, fundraising, and even Questions and Answers categories. You can’t enter live rooms as well. But it looks like Instagram developers are working to fix the situation.

The feature is still not open and in development. Analysts believe that once it is revealed to a broader audience, it can change the situation for Instagram. Influencers and brands that use Instagram as their main platform for business will definitely appreciate new services. It will allow them to connect to a bigger audience, attracting more people with professionally made streams. For not, it can’t beat TikTok. This Chinese-based social platform has earned $119 billion in sales during the last year.

Do you believe that Instagram will attract more people with the new feature? Do you think it will be helpful for influencers? Express your thoughts in the comments below.