Grand Theft Auto Online: The Dangers of Over-Customizing Your Car

Elina Rudkovsky


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In the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, the freedom to customize your vehicle is just one of the many perks that keeps players hooked on the action-packed world. Whether it’s adding a new paint job, upgrading armor and weapons, or even adding a powerful SAM Remote Missile Battery, GTA Online’s many customization options are seemingly endless. However, as one unfortunate Grand Theft Auto Online player recently learned, over-customizing one’s ride can sometimes have hilarious and dangerous consequences.

Reddit user One-Mycologist-6001 shared an embarrassing yet hilarious experience of a heavy-duty customization gone awry in GTA Online. After installing a SAM Remote Missile Battery to the hood of their custom Pounder truck, the player's vehicle quickly became far too large to drive over one of the bridges during a mission. No matter how hard they tried, the SAM Battery kept getting stuck on the railings above the bridge, resulting in a massive amount of wasted time.

Not only does this serve as a humorous reminder of the dangers of over-customizing one’s vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online, but it’s just one of the many amusing incidents that have been seen by fans of the game. From suspects fleeing the police and getting stuck in their own cars to daring players taking down fighter planes with a single shot, GTA Online’s players have provided no shortage of entertaining moments to watch. 

In conclusion, it’s hard to deny that Grand Theft Auto Online has a vast amount of freedom when it comes to customizing one’s own avatar or vehicle, but sometimes it pays to be conservative with important tweaks. The danger of oversizing and over-customizing one’s ride like One-Mycologist-6001 did clear—not only can you look a bit foolish, but it can also cost precious time in a mission. 

So if you’re looking to make a few changes to your vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s best to temper your ambitions and think twice before making any adjustments. After all, the best way to stay safe in Los Santos is to ensure you can get where you’re going in time!