Forza Horizon 5 Sets a Record

Elina Rudkovsky


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It’s been less than a week after the game has premiered in early access. And it already set a record with a staggering player count.

Forza Horizon 5 saw the light on November 5, but only for the Premium players. And now, on November 9, it has set a groundbreaking record within merely 24 hours: 4.5 million players worldwide.

For now, Xbox claims that Forza Horizon 5 is the biggest release the Xbox Pass catalog has ever seen. The early access version was pre-ordered by 800,000 players, which is also a record — considering that the Premium Edition price was almost $100

There are a few reasons for that wild success. First, Forza Horizon 5 is stunningly beautiful. It will send you on a voyage through the diverse Mexican biome, with sizzlingly hot beaches and shadowy, thick jungles. 

Realism has been taken to another level. For instance, if you approach the La Gran Caldera volcano, the controller will react with slight vibrating, mimicking the tectonic movement triggered by the volcano.

Another reason is its comprehensive accessibility. Players can tweak the game in the respective menu to tailor their gaming style. For instance, you can decrease the game engine speed, if your recitation can’t catch up with Forza’s tempo.

There’s also a hand-sign transcription for the players who are hard of hearing, bigger subtitles during cutscenes for the visually impaired folks, and so on.

Following its traditions, Forza Horizon 5 offers a myriad of playable modes: Road Racing, Dirt Racing, and Street Racing, Danger Signs, Speed Traps, Drifts, and so on.

Forza Horizon 5 is available via Xbox Game Pass at the price of $60. If you’re into PC gaming, you can find it on Steam, but note that it’s available for Windows 10 only.

Are you excited about the Mexican adventure? Do you think if the Forza series is better than NFS games? Let us know in the comments