Fortnite Now Welcomes Vi from ‘League of Legends’

Elina Rudkovsky


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It will be a while before the new season of the Arcane becomes available and there are numerous fans eagerly waiting for it. To make the wait slightly easier, players can entertain themselves with Fortnite matches that will feature a new character from the series. The character we are talking about is Vi, who is a sister of Jinx.

The developers of the game added the new character to the in-game Item Shop. In this store, you can purchase her outfit and a number of themed objects associated with her. For instance, you can find a punching practice emote. One downside is that Vi won’t have her special Hextech gauntlets with her. However, Epic Games decided to add Jayce’s Warden Hammer, which is considered her favorite weapon to use when her gauntlets are under repair. Also, if you buy this character’s skin by choosing the Arcane Vi Bundle, you will receive a cool Piltover’s Finest loading screen.

Another thing that should be mentioned has to do with Jinx’s skin. It has been introduced to the game in November of 2021, but if you are someone who missed out on this update, the developers want to give players another opportunity. Epic Games decided to add the outfit to the shop again, including the Jinx Arcane bundle. Now, you will have access to skins of both of these characters and they can be easily purchased from the Item Shop.

When it comes to Jinx, she is a true troublemaker who doesn’t hold herself back and likes to have fun with explosions. As for Vi, she is a former street thief who turned into a cop and works along with Caitlyn from Piltover’s enforces to fight crime. They are definitely exciting characters, so adding them to the game can spice things up.

What do you think about this new addition to the game? Are there any other characters you are waiting for? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below.