Facebook Announces New Features

David Byrne


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A set of new features are expected to arrive on Facebook as part of the company’s initiative to improve integration between its Instagram and Messenger apps. These will include group talks across apps, typing indicators with support for multiple users typing at the same time, Instagram direct messaging polls, and an update to Watch Together.
Cross-app chatting means Facebook users will be able to start a group conversation involving people from both Instagram and Messenger. This is a long-awaited modification that’s been the focus of much discussion by now and is almost sure to be welcomed by the public.
The ability to message across applications isn’t really that new; it was first introduced with a major update last year. Facebook reports that over 70% of the users who were given such an opportunity choose to update their Instagram in order to experience this enhanced connection. The feature has now been expanded to include group chats as well. Such talks can be customized by adding themes and specifying the reactions that users should be able to produce.
Another improvement to group chats, group typing indicators will let you know when more than one of your friends are entering some text at the same time. In the meanwhile, Instagram users will be able to share and watch trending videos with friends as part of the Watch Together feature. The option can be chosen directly from your newsfeed.
Finally, polls seem to be a welcome addition to direct messages. It’s simply another exciting way to interact with friends as followers, for instance, by offering quizzes. Do you feel like the new features will improve your experience with Facebook apps? Don’t hesitate to share your expectations in the comments section! Ideas for DM polls are very welcome, too.