Even on iPad Pro M1 Apps Are Limited to 5 GB RAM

Audrey Hansen


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The new iPad Pro M1 is advertised as the most powerful tablet around (and probably it is). But if you think apps can use all of its powerful hardware, it’s not so. At least, for now a single app cannot use more than 5 GB RAM for its functioning. 

The limitation is imposed by Apple itself, the reason for it being the wish to grant launching multiple apps. Hardly would it have caused an issue, as the new iPad boasts up to 16 GB RAM. Still, the limitations prevent any single app from using a significant share of it. Though a similar limitation was implemented in the time of the first iPad Pro (that had only 4 GB RAM, and a single app could only use 3 GB), now, given how more powerful the hardware is, it seems a little too cautious.

It caps the performance of the apps that require a lot of RAM – for example, image editors that handle multiple layers, Photoshop-style. Unless the limitation is removed, they cannot unleash their real potential. Thus, the very positioning of iPad Pro as a “Pro” device is handicapped. On the other hand, this policy of Apple ensures there is always enough RAM to launch a new app without killing off any running one. In addition, very few tasks (and none of everyday ones) really require more than 5 GB they are granted.